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Modern enterprise with scientific management, advanced technology, large scale and first-class benefits.

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Through unremitting efforts, Shangrao Jiayou Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. with professional, high-quality and efficient service has become a positive response to the needs of the industry development, committed to project diversification, one-stop, comprehensive service team, while relying on high-grade business philosophy, tamping style of work, prominent industry The achievements have attracted the entry of top talents from many industries. Looking back on the past, we are proud; looking forward to the future, we are confident; facing new forms and tasks, the company put forward the "management science, technology-leading, large-scale, first-class efficiency of modern enterprises," the struggling goal, the blueprint for the development of the new century, with the joint efforts of all friends and staff, the company one. We will be able to carry forward the future, advance with the times, and develop rapidly, creating a more brilliant tomorrow.
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