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Environmentally friendly electric boilers have large differences in use between the north and the south

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Electrothermal Boiler May 5: The recent weather in Shenyang can be said to be a girl's face changeable, a special description of the appropriate, "others like spring, we like the four seasons of spring." In addition, as fog and haze become more and more serious, electrothermal boiler is a layman for environmental problems, but in the face of the current environment, environmental protection is still the most important, we should constantly make efforts to improve the environment, media publicity is gradually popular, so environmental-friendly electrothermal boiler occupies the market after all.
The research and development of environment-friendly electric heating boilers can not be separated from market research. As far as the South and the north are concerned, there are great differences in heating methods between electric heating boilers and electric heating boilers. The heating mode in the north of China has changed from single mode to diversified mode. The energy waste of central heating is serious and the heating mode is inflexible, which creates conditions for individual household heating. Wall hanging stove will enter the vast rural families in the north. In addition, our market economy, housing commercialization and other individual free and independent behavior requires household heating this flexible and independent heating form. We also need to consider the needs of people's lives, economic conditions have been equipped with electric heating furnace and electric boiler development conditions, will be like household appliances and automobile consumption, in the next few years to 10 years ushered in a boom in consumption.
According to statistics, more than 10,000 households in the south are using electric heating furnaces and electric boilers. The increasing number of Geothermal Engineering Companies in recent years indicates that the potential heating market in the south is also very large. Therefore, our company will also focus on research and development of environmentally friendly electric boiler products, more product introductions please pay attention to our website.


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